We Understand…

We understand the feelings that come from knowing your student is capable of learning… if only he could start his homework, or if she could handle disappointment, or if he could find his materials in his backpack, or if she could focus on her project.

Executive function skills affect learning in countless ways, and many of our students have not yet developed the skills to become successful learners. It is natural to try to help our students by telling them what they need to do to learn, like stop losing things, pay attention, start projects sooner. The problem is that if they don’t know HOW to do what we are asking of them, it causes frustration for everyone involved.

The need for students to learn how to learn is what drives Lively Minds Institute. It is our passion to empower students by teaching them strategies to learn and then helping them develop the habits to continue learning. We have developed a 4-Step Method of teaching executive function skills.

Why Our Method Works

Lively Minds Coaches Utilize Our Trademark Executive Function Curriculum

  • Engaging lessons that encourage critical thinking and problem solving
  • Activities that develop awareness and accountability
  • Over 200 lessons for each age category
  • Solutions for 64 challenges students face within 8 executive function skills
  • Customized set of lessons for each student to target unique set of challenges

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We work with students of all ages across the country, and we would love to talk with you about your executive function needs.